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John Kerry for President

We've Been Bushwhacked!

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Questioning our leaders is not unpatriotic.


This is a Pro-Kerry Community whose sole purpose is to educate Americans (and the World) on the issues and promote Kerry as our next American President.

Anyone wishing to learn more about Kerry is welcome, as well as anyone wishing to do their part to make sure Bush doesn't get another 4 years.


- Debates are fine, this is an open forum - but no personal attacking/flaming of any kind will be tolerated. If you want to fight, do it in your own - private - journal. Flames/harassment/personal attacks will be deleted.

- Please stay on topic. News, updates, opinions, viewpoints, issues, factual information and statistics. Political cartoons, quizzes, editorials and whatnot are also acceptable.

- Help out, please take a banner from below and post it in your journal or userinfo.

- Please respect others loading time and use the lj-cut when posting anything large.

- International members are welcome - we know it's certainly not just America who wants Bush out of office.

- Feel free to compare Bush and Kerry on the issues, but unless there is some relevance do not take up space with something like "Man..I F*ck*ng HATE Bush." If feeding Georgie to the flames is what you enjoy, try bush_sucks

- Questions on Kerry's issues are welcome, if you have a question or an opinion - ask. Do not flame Kerry, we're here promoting not deciding which candidate to vote for.

- Do not use this community soley to promote your own Kerry community.

- Questions can be directed to the general public via the community or to the moderator, passingthehours



Feel free to take these...post them in your userinfo so they'll se seen over and over again - post them on your website - or make your own!

We've all seen the marriage bars...now there's the Kerry bar.

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