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Oh yeah, Bush won.

Oh yeah, Bush kicks arse.

Oh yeah, Bush is the choice of the people.

Oh yeah, Bush won by a landslide.

Oh yeah, Bush got 4,000,000 more votes than Kerry.

Oh yeah, Bush whooped Kerry electorally.

Oh yeah, he's an 8 year president.

Oh yeah, Cheney's there too.

Oh yeah, Teresa Heinz-Kerry won't be a our First Lady.

Oh yeah, John Edwards aka Silky Pony aka Breck Girl won't be the VP.

Oh yeah, we got even more seats in the Senate.

Oh yeah, we got even more seats in the House.

Oh yeah, we picked up some governorshps.

Oh yeah, Democrats are splitting.

W Stands for Win.

Ahh, is that the sweet smelling fragrance of ...victory... wafting in my open, flaring nostrils?
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